Out of hell on IndieDB!

Grat news tonight my hell friends! Out of hell is on IndieDB, another step into the success!! (I hope) What do you think? I'll tell you what i think, this is the chance to let know anibody the development of my little great game :) Here is the link to the page: OUT OF HELL ON INDIEDB
Time for some news, i've completed half the bosses of the game and i'm very happy with them, that's why i'm sharing a little video about a boss fight. Here you can go directly to the official youtube channel for Out Of Hell game. Have fun!

First Start menu video released!

My friends, a little video to show you how the game will look. You can se a part of the main menu and a part of the start level. Hope you'll like it! I'm working hard on it.

First real post my friends.

I'm at work on the game and here for you a screenshot of the main level i've just completed.
On the official group on Facebook you can find a lot of interesting things and a lot of images aobut my project in development.